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Ensuring your datacenter critical assets are operating 24/7 to avoid business disruption can be a challenging task. You may realize the limitation of having multiple monitoring tools. Some  of  these tools are freeware  with limited capabilities.

In order to meet the service level, you need to establish an effective and proactive monitoring framework to improve performance and customer satisfaction. Hence you have to uncover service degradation or outage before your user does!

This leads to the need to understand the performance and availability of each element in the datacenter and their dependency.

One good example is the iceberg analogy. It’s common to see an iceberg floating in the arctic sea. Do you know that the iceberg is supported by a complex heavy structure beneath the sea surface? Similar to critical applications in datacenters which is supported by complex infrastructure.

Our professional service team understand key challenges mentioned above. We have implemented this Fully Integrated Application, Servers, Network, Database proactive monitoring solution for major local datacenters

The fully configurable dashboard provides Single Pane of Glass view of your entire datacenter across physical and virtual infrastructure.

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The Unified IT Dashboard

up.time provides a unified view of IT environment health and a GUI that is easily customizable, with a drag and drop dashboard design. Create private IT dashboards, team dashboards


Performance & Availability

Monitor and report on server, application, and network uptime, performance bottlenecks, etc. Deep monitoring across CPU, Disk, I/O, and Memory


Server Monitoring

Server monitoring integrated across Windows, Linux, UNIX, Novell, Virtual Servers, Cloud and more.


Application Monitoring

Monitor all applications (Web, CRM, ERP, Email, custom, etc.), as well as application transactions and End-User experience. .


Virtual Server Monitoring

VMware (vCenter, vSphere, ESX, ESXi, workloads, clusters, vApps, resource pools, etc.), Hyper-V, Zen, Solaris (Zones, Containers), AIX (LPARS).


Network Monitoring

Monitor 1000's of network devices, including anything with an IP address.


SLA Monitoring & Reporting

Complete SLA and SLO monitoring and reporting with proactive alerting, business-level graphs & reports, and SLA trend performance.


Capacity Planning

Integrated capacity monitoring and reporting across multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, Novell, Virtual Servers (VMware, Hyper-V, Zen), Cloud and more.