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ByStorm’s FileSure Allows File Use But Block

File Theft.

FileSure Value: Security, Data Loss Prevention, and Auditing


FileSure customers easily do all these things and more:

  • ✔ Prove what users have or haven't seen sensitive files

  • ✔ know how their data is being used, where, and when

  • ✔ Get instant alerts on bulk file transfers or other risky behavior

  • ✔ Audit and protect files on workstation, laptops

  • ✔ Receive and easily share recurring, pre-defined reports

  • ✔ Include Events log and session logon/logoff information in file audits

  • ✔ Find lost files or folders quickly

  • ✔ audit ununsual things: non-Windows servers, Administrator access

  • ✔ Handle all servers and workstations from one central console


ByStorm Software’s FileSure delivers versatile software solutions for file auditing, endpoint security, and data loss protection to business customers in financial services, healthcare, education, government, retail and more. Scalable from small business to enterprise.

How It Works:

FileSure leverages patented technology to audit and control file access based on pre-defined policies, or rules, that can be configured at multiple levels across your organization.

FileSure is turning your Windows file server into a  "Data Vault". It allows users to use and edit company document files, but blocks misuse of those capabilities at the same time. Files within the Data Vault cannot be copied, emailed (including web-mail), transmitted via FTP or instant messenger, and are even protected against theft via malware and viruses.

FileSure operates outside of the native-Windows security model, it is able to audit file use and control and track file access based on your defined policy or rules. Effectively combined FileSure policy  with existing Windows ACL and user/group permission model, that still functions.

Windows ACL + User/Group Permission + FileSure Server to Endpoint = Total File Server Security Model


FileSure will block what Windows allows, but cannot allow what Windows denies.


FileSure extends this to simplify your life and provide additional granularity including the ability to audit or control access by process, not just user credentials.

FileSure offers two unique products:

1.FileSure Audit – track who, when, where is accessing your files and what they are doing with them!

2.FileSure Defend – everything in audit + the ability to deny access to files and block file related actions as needed.


Addditional information: Go to FileSure Features | Datasheet | Video | Free Trial Download

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