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Take total control of your IT assets


InvGate Assets is a suite of intelligent solutions which enable your

team  to manage change, and maximize the use of resources!  


No other asset management products offer more unique values such as InvGate Asset.


InvGate Asset is:

  • ✔ 100% web-based design that allows from any device

  • ✔ Intuitive Drill-down design for agile and dynamic navigation

  • ✔ Fully integrated functionality that combines all the tools in a single interface

  • ✔ Rapid, autonomous and hassle free implementation

  • ✔ Multi-platform Support: Windows, Linux, Mac and more


Intuitive web-based software to control, maintain and efficiently manage your IT infrastructure.



Obtain a detailed registry of the current state of your IT infrastructure automatically and take total control of your inventory via a single centralized interface. You can also view a complete system history to understand the evolution of your platform over a specific period or its lifetime.

This tool permits you to precisely plan purchases of hardware to exactly meet your needs and avoid wasting resources on unused capacity.


Network Discovery

IT Network Discovery will take your infrastructure management to a new level. Network Discovery performs the automated and unattended inventory of all SNMP devices connected to the network, such as network printers, routers, switches, access point, etc. Without the need to physically access the hardware.

All financial data related to the discovered devices can be attached and managed via InvGate Asset Management. This allows better cost control, enhanced understanding of infrastructure value and superior ability to budget and plan for replacement.


Remote Desktop

Thanks to IT Remote Desktop, you no longer need to cover great distances to maintain your IT systems. This solution allows for the instant and total control of workstations, accessing each and every Windows desktop remotely by only connecting to LAN and WAN networks.

IT Remote Desktop not only guarantees fast and easy access from any point, but its protocols ensure protection of the end user’s privacy.


Financials & Lifecycle

InvGate IT Financials & LifeCycle allows you to easily and intuitively manage all the financial information related to your IT infrastructure. With InvGate IT Financials & LifeCycle, you will gain total control over budget allocation and investment for each cost center.


Software Deployment

IT Software Deployment is responsible for the unattended distribution and installation of software on different workstations across your organization. Performed in an automated, centralized, transparent, and user-friendly way, the installation of all applications can be completed throughout the IT platform without personnel deployment. Some of the key features of this functionality are that distribution can be performed either massively or in admin defined groups of workstations, and that deployment can be run automatically according to a predefined schedule.


Software Metering

IT Software Metering is an innovative and intelligent solution that allows the measurement of utilization levels of each software program across the IT platform. Detailed reports of the software currently in use are also created automatically. Software Metering is a powerful tool when it comes to IT business decision-making regarding software purchase and renewal.


Change Management

This functionality maintains a detailed registry of all of the changes that occur within the IT infrastructure, as well generating real time alarms as changes happen. Depending on the type of change and level of severity, the appropriate IT personal can then be notified automatically.

Management of alarms is available from a centralized dashboard and full traceability of changes is ensured via the automatic allocation of ticket numbers for each change.


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